I'm a PhD student at the Mathematical Sciences Institute of the Australian National University.

New: Slides from my PhD finishing talk

Old, subset of the above: Slides from my AustMS 2016 talk

My research is focused on geometric flows: the application of nonlinear parabolic PDE to Riemannian Geometry. The preprint of my first paper (with Ben Andrews) on flowing diffeomorphisms is now available on the arχiv. You can find a work-in-progress of an interactive demonstration of this flow here. A more accessible flow-related curiosity is my Curve-shortening flow applet.

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The procrastination technique that causes me the least guilt is answering questions on Math.StackExchange.

I am a moderator of /r/math, a rewarding experience that will look good on my CV when I'm trying to get a janitorial job in a few years.