I'm a PhD student at the Mathematical Sciences Institute of the Australian National University.

New: Slides from my PhD finishing talk

Old, subset of the above: Slides from my AustMS 2016 talk

My research is focused on (the theoretical analysis of) geometric flows, i.e. the application of nonlinear parabolic PDE to Riemannian Geometry. The preprint of my first paper (with Ben Andrews) on flowing diffeomorphisms of the flat torus is now available on the arχiv. Thesis coming very soon!

I'm also very interested in the interactive visualization of differential geometry. You can find a work-in-progress of an interactive demonstration of the diffeomorphism flow I mentioned above here. A more accessible flow-related curiosity is my demonstration of the Curve-shortening flow.

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The procrastination technique that causes me the least guilt is answering questions on Math.StackExchange.

I am a moderator of /r/math, a rewarding experience that will look good on my CV when I'm trying to get a janitorial job in a few years.